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The German Civil Aviation Act

The German Civil Aviation Act
  • Jaar van uitgave 2009
  • 126 pagina's
Auteur:M. Geisler and M. Boewe
Reeks:Essential Air and Space Law (deel 5)
Rubriek: Juridisch Internationaal recht
Icon_printbook 978‐90‐77596‐72‐2 | hardcover | 1e druk | € 75,00 / $ 95,17 / £ 74,73

This book contains the English translation and the official German text of the German Civil Aviation Act. For a better understanding of the Act, an introduction has been added, setting out the national, European and international context. An outline of the Act is given and an account of other German Acts and Regulations covering the field of aviation law. Furthermore, some practical issues related to aviation law are included as well.

The aim of this book is to assist in presenting and clarifying the applicable aviation law in Germany by providing a professional English translation of the German Civil Aviation Act. The need for such a translation emerged from the practical demand on the part of German lawyers, ministries and other organizations for an English text that could be used as a basis for legal communication with foreign colleagues and organizations that conduct or wish to conduct aviation business in Germany. The book is a welcome addition to the literature in the field and should be of interest to anyone dealing with German aviation law.

This book is volume 5 in our Essential Air and Space Law series, a book series set up with the aim of establishing a collection of prominent studies in this particular field of law especially for experienced practitioners (e.g. lawyers, policy makers in governments, national and international organisations and private entities), in addition to scholars involved in the research and study of air traffic and space law.




Dr Markus Geisler ( is a partner with the international law firm Mayer Brown LLP in the firm’s office in Cologne, Germany. He is an experienced regulatory and corporate lawyer who focuses on issues of transportation and aviation law, environmental and planning law, privatizations and project finance, and international product liability. He represents both domestic and international clients operating in numerous industry sectors, as well as energy and utilities companies, banking groups, government agencies and private investment consortia. He has published widely and is an active lecturer and participant at professional seminars and symposia. Dr Geisler is a graduate of the University of Osnabrück (1995) and received his doctoral degree (Dr. jur.) in 1997. He also holds an LL.M. (1993) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

Dr Marius Boewe ( is counsel with Mayer Brown LLP in the firm?s Cologne office. He focuses on aviation and energy law as well as on environmental and planning law. Dr Boewe advises clients from the national as well as international aviation industry in a wide range of legal matters, including the formation and settlement of airlines and problems relating to the use of airports and airport fees. He also advises international companies on environmental and energy-related matters. He is the author of various books and articles as well as a frequent speaker at national and international seminars and symposia. Dr Boewe studied at the University of Freiburg, passing the bar exam in 2001, and received his doctoral degree (Dr. jur.) in 1999.