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Space Law Basic Legal Documents

Space Law Basic Legal Documents
  • Year of publication 2010
  • 3800 pages
Editor:Marietta Benkö and Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel
Series:Space Law: Basic Legal Documents
Category: Juridisch Internationaal recht
Icon_printbook 978‐90‐77596‐23‐4 | loose-leaf | 1st edition | € 530.00 / $ 715.50 / £ 561.80

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary!!

This five-volume loose-leaf, first published in 1989, presents a comprehensive collection of basic legal documents on space law. It is an essential reference and research tool for all those involved in the formulation, implementation and operation of space law and policy. Its loose-leaf format ensures that the material is kept fully up-to-date.

Eleven International Publishing is proud to announce that an online version is now available free of charge to the subscribers of this work. The online version is updated on an ongoing basis and features full searchability, a linked table of contents as well as bookmarked sections to ensure that the desired section can be quickly found.