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Punish, Seduce or Persuade

An Empirical Assessment of Anti-Piracy Interventions

Punish, Seduce or Persuade
  • Year of publication 2017
  • 330 pages
Author:H.B.M. Leeuw
Category: Juridisch Strafrecht
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐741‐8 | paperback | 1st edition | € 68.00 / $ 86.40 / £ 67.84
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐674‐9 | ebook | € 64.00 / $ 86.40 / £ 67.84

Many kinds of interventions have been designed and implemented to combat digital copyright infringement, a type of cyber-deviance that is also known as ‘digital piracy’. However, it is not clear whether such measures are indeed effective in reducing this type of deviance. This research sets out out to examine the functioning of these interventions from an empirical perspective. The persistence of digital copyright infringement presents various challenges to governments, the creative industries and other stakeholders that attempt to curtail digital piracy. The author combines both traditional and innovative research methods in order to establish whether and to what extent these interventions are able to curtail digital piracy.

This book is of interest to organisations and individuals that are in charge of developing copyright laws and policy or the enforcement thereof. The focus on the evaluation of digital policy also makes the book relevant to evaluators, criminologists and those interested in digital behaviour and digital policy.