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Evolution in Dispute Resolution

From Adjudication to ADR?

Evolution in Dispute Resolution
  • Jaar van uitgave 2016
  • 110 pagina's
Redacteur:Michiel Duchateau, Saskia Fikkers, Lottie Lane, and Esther van Schagen
Reeks:NILG - Governance & Recht (deel 13)
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐635‐0 | paperback | 1e druk | € 29,50 / $ 39,82 / £ 31,27
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐449‐3 | digitaal boek | € 20,99 / $ 28,33 / £ 22,24

The governance of dispute settlement is evolving in order to cope with a changing world, taking on many forms in many contexts. There is no general model for ‘the’ best way of settling disputes. Instead, what is the most suitable way of settling disputes highly depends on contextual factors, such as the nature of the parties involved, the nature of the relationship between them, the economic and/or moral value of the dispute, the cross-jurisdictional nature of the dispute, etc. This book aims to assess the way in which the nature of dispute resolution has evolved.

With one mostly conceptual chapter and three chapters that analyse examples from radically different contexts, it makes clear that disputes are evolved within vastly different governance structures. Considering similar questions in different contexts, the chapters show how the evolution of dispute resolution has not only been shaped by the nature of disputes themselves and the type of parties involved, but also by the values that different systems try to protect.


M. Duchateau is an academic assistant at the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance and a lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Groningen.

S.M.N. Fikkers is a PhD candidate in philosophy of law at the University of Groningen.

C.L. Lane is a PhD candidate at the Endowed Chair Law and Governance, University of Groningen.

E.A.G. van Schagen is a postdoctoral researcher for the Endowed Chair for Law and Governance, University of Groningen.